School of Arts and 人文学科

澳门金沙线上赌博官网’s School of Arts and 人文学科 merges history, culture, and innovation. Combining research and experiential learning with an interdisciplinary perspective, the School creates curious, critical thinkers and innovators who apply themselves beyond the classroom.

见见院长: Rubén Dupertuis, Ph.D.

School of Social Sciences and Civic Engagement

The University’s School of Social Science and Civic Engagement emphasizes community and connections. 在这所学校, students and 教师 investigate social organization and cultural knowledge through interdisciplinary courses. 部门 within this School are grounded in a balanced blend of liberal arts and applied professional programs, where 教师 engage and prepare students for meaningful lives of leadership and service around the world.

见见院长: Nels Christiansen Ph.D.

D. R. Semmes School of Science

澳门金沙线上赌博官网的维. R. Semmes School of Science keeps science on display. This School offers nationally recognized, cutting-edge experiential learning and undergraduate research opportunities presented through a liberal arts lens that allows for interdisciplinary exploration, 严格, 和经济增长.

见见院长: 大卫·里布尔博士.D.

Neidorff School of Business

The Neidorff School of Business at 圣澳门金沙赌城线上游戏 provides business education distinctively grounded in the liberal arts, where academically and professionally qualified 教师 engage and prepare students for meaningful lives of leadership and service in the global marketplace. All of the School's programs are accredited by AACSB - the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International. 

见见院长: 罗伯特·谢勒博士.D.


The Elizabeth Huth 科茨库 supports students, 教师, and staff in their varied academic pursuits around campus—and Dean Harris is at the helm as the library continues to grow in popularity.

见见院长: 本杰明·哈里斯M.L.I.S.

Special Interest Programs

With a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and special opportunities, all are designed to provide real world experiences, increase international exposure and understanding, and instill the values required for global citizenship and making a difference.




Courses of Study Bulletin

Degree requirements, academic policies, and academic majors and minors at 圣澳门金沙赌城线上游戏.



Pathways 课程

Curricular requirements and optional elements for undergraduate students.




Programs and services to enhance student learning and personal and academic development.

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